Green Opal Solid

Solid Genuine Australian Opal and 18ct Gold Ring

Solid Genuine Australian Opal and 18ct Gold Ring
Solid Genuine Australian Opal and 18ct Gold Ring
Solid Genuine Australian Opal and 18ct Gold Ring
Solid Genuine Australian Opal and 18ct Gold Ring

Solid Genuine Australian Opal and 18ct Gold Ring    Solid Genuine Australian Opal and 18ct Gold Ring

Handcrafted 14kt gold ring featuring a genuine solid Australian Semi Black Opal and 4 beautiful Diamonds. Broad Dimensions of the Opal surface: approx. 14.5mm x 33.5mm. Diamonds: 5x 0.05ct Colour H/VS. This unique piece of jewellery is called "Dragon Lizard".

Breathtaking solid Australian Semi Black Opal. Which exhibits a dramatic play of the colours aqua, green and blue, complemented by 4 beautiful high quality Diamonds. Handcrafted Solid Australian Opal collection is a true account of how these rare gemstones are mined, polished, sourced and set, representing incredible value for our customers. Proudly Australian made and owned in Far North Queensland, where the rain forest meets the reef. Welcome to the world of the genuine solid Australian Opal. We would like to introduce you to the fascinating world of the Australian Opal. The variety of the colours and shapes of this gemstone are never ending.

Captivated and inspired by that amazing fact we have made it our passion to complement to these attributes with our imagination and finest craftsmanship. The product we are able to sell today is not only of finest quality but tasteful, unique and affordable.

We are a group of manufacturing jewellers living on the Northern Beaches of beautiful Cairns in Far North Queensland, Australia. Ever since October 1998 we have been designing and creating genuine Australian Opal jewellery.

Inspired by the unutterable abundance of nature we have been using its resources and treasures to capture part of that beauty in our designs. Our jewellery represents the wonders of the Reef, the enchantment of the Rain Forest and the breathtaking diversity of the landscape this vast continent has to offer. Our creations feature classic, contemporary to modern designs incorporating the finest gems and craftsmanship. Ready for everyone out there to explore and finally enjoy. With colourful Opals, sparkling Diamonds and beautiful Pearls we would like to give you the chance to take a little piece of Australias beautiful nature home.

What we offer our customers. Our emphasis lies in the detail. All our jewellery is set in 18kt gold. Genuine Australian Opals in our jewellery No doublets or triplets.

Our jewellery is individually designed incorporating every gemstones unique shape and colours. All our jewellery is handcrafted. Opal stands for confidence, serenity and purity.

The word Opal most likely stems from the Latin (Opalus) and means: to see a change in colour. It is therefore not surprising that the Opal is the only gemstone known which can diffract white light into all the marvelous rainbow colours. It is this fascinating play of colours the Opal has become famous and highly regarded for.

Over the last fifty years Opals have appreciated their value at a steady rate. Therefore it can be safely said, that they offer a tremendous investment potential to their buyers. Nowadays Opal is regarded as one of the worlds most precious gemstones.

The different types of Opal. Precious Opal is very rare. 95% of the worlds precious Opal comes from Australia. The following five categories of Opal are the ones we create our jewellery with. Opal with a very dark (black) body colour. Its surface can show all rainbow colours. Only mined in two places in Australia: Lightning Ridge (NSW) and Mintabie (SA).

This Opal has a grey to dark grey background. Not dark enough to be classified as Black Opal. This Opals host rock is ironstone and it is a natural part of the stone. Often it protrudes to the surface of the stone emphasizing its individuality.

The surface can show all rainbow colours. Almost exclusively mined in Q. Considered the original fire Opal since it was the first ever mined Opal. It features a white or light background.

Mostly mined in Cooper Pedy and Mintabie (SA). Transparent or translucent Opal where the colours are sharp and visible below the surface. It can feature all the rainbow colours.

Crystal Opals are clear enough to see through in the light. When held against a dark background the colours of this type of Opal really come to life and sparkle even more amazingly. For this reason we set some of these Opals against a golden backing. Solid stone cut from all the Opals mentioned above. Be aware of the fakes. Since Opals are rare and considerably high in price, man has introduced fake stones, which at first sight might look like the real ones but in comparison offer only very small value. A very fine layer of Opal has been cemented to a piece of potch (ironstone or plastic).

They are Doublets with a glass or plastic dome glued onto the Opal layer. The Opal used in Triplets usually is even finer (fraction of a millimetre) than the ones used for Doublets. We only use solid genuine Autralian Opals, no Doublets, no Triplets! The value of an Opal. Our aim is to provide our customers with a sound understanding of the valuation process of an Opal, so they feel confident in choosing the perfect gem for themselves.

The following criteria are equally important to determine the value of an Opal. And the complicated and lengthy process of the valuation that challenges even the experts. It is mainly about the rare and unique beauty of the Opal and the fact that each person will appreciate it differently. It is true, beauty does lie within the eye of the beholder.

Often referred to as the fire of a stone. The intensity and liveliness of the sparks are decisive to the value of the gem. The play of colour, the rainbow within the stone, both crucially important.

Colours should be deep, clear and plentiful, where red is regarded as the rarest of them. Patterns such as harlequin, straw, ribbon and rolling flash are very rare and add great value. The bigger and heavier, the more valuable the Opal. For an Opal to represent value, it has to be a solid stone. Black Opal is the rarest Opal and therefore reflects excellent value. Still all the other criteria must be incorporated in the valuation process. The value of Doublets and Triplets is only a fraction of that of a solid Opal.

Since inclusions can have an impact on the brightness of the Opal they lower its value. An exemption is the Boulder Opal, where inclusions mostly enhance the gems extraordinary pattern, its individuality and therefore its value. How to care for solid Opals. Solid Opals are very easy to care for. In fact if cared for in a reasonable manner Opal jewellery will last forever.

Soil and sand are abrasive and will scratch the Opal and the gold. Accidental hits or knocks could split or crack the gem. It is a myth that Opals need moisture and therefore completely unnecessary to submerge them in water for any length of time. Equally, solid Opals do not mind the water.

Other gemstones and materials we use. Found in the Australian Outback the Gold nugget represents a very rare and unspoilt piece of nature. Shaped over millions of years by natures forces, found by the adventurous gold prospectors and set by us. The nuggets used in our jewellery were found in the Palmer River in Queensland, Australia. The spark of a Diamond can complement the dramatic beauty of the Opal.

All Diamonds we use in our fine jewellery are of highest quality. The grades we use are: G/H, SI1/VS.

Gemstones appear larger in a photo than in reality. This is because a 10mm stone will show in the item listing photo as a 100mm stone on an average size laptop screen.

Please check in the item specifics section for the actual dimensions of all listed items. It is challenging to representing opal with 100% accuracy in digital photography as. Light is registered differently with the human eye as compared to that of the digital camera.

Each persons perception and vision are slightly differently to another. There is a variation in many computer screens and the way colours are reflected. The colours and patterns of an Opal are a result of a complex combination of refraction, diffraction, diffusion and reflection of light from the opal structure.

Different light sources and different light intensities will change the appearance the Opals colour effects. To compensate for these factors we can provide a video of the Opal you're interested in upon request.

Please don't hesitate to ask! Should you need any further information on any item, or would like to see more photos of a particular piece of jewellery, or for any other general inquiries please do not hesitate and write to us before you order. We value your business and will respond to your request as quickly as possible. We require our customers to return the goods undamaged, unaltered, unworn and in their original packaging. Items are sent via trackable express post though Australia Post.

General Policies and limitation of liability. All items listed for sale remain the property of. A big Thank-you to our customers. We are very proud of the number of happy and content customers we have been able to serve over the years. In this sense we would like to send out a huge Thank-you to all our longstanding and returning customers that make it possible for us to be creative and different! The item "Solid Genuine Australian Opal and 18ct Gold Ring" is in sale since Wednesday, December 5, 2018. This item is in the category "Jewellery & Watches\Fine Jewellery\Rings". The seller is "sharkfin100" and is located in Kewarra Beach, QLD. This item can be shipped worldwide.
  1. Main Stone Colour: Green, Acqua, Blue
  2. Base Metal: Yellow Gold, 14k
  3. Main Stone Treatment: Not Enhanced
  4. Metal Purity: 14k
  5. Main Stone: Semi Black Opal
  6. Metal: Yellow Gold
  7. Product Type: Rings
  8. Featured Refinements: 18ct Gold Ring

Solid Genuine Australian Opal and 18ct Gold Ring    Solid Genuine Australian Opal and 18ct Gold Ring